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Woohoo – How exciting, we typically generate a blog to announce your new website as this alerts Google and others that you now have a new or improved website. It may feel like a bit of a bind, but the more regularly you can create fresh content, the ore Google likes it.

Why is it important? Well it’s not about tricking Google, but about offering value to your readers. They may need your services directly or just want to be able to recommend you to a friend. In the counselling industry it can be a little scary picking the phone up to a complete stranger, so having a website to refer people to, can be a great first step.

Don’t worry about the title Blog… It could also say news or research or whatever you like. The choice is yours with this site. Lots of counsellors do a tremendous amount of reading. The blog post could be your 1 or 2 paragraph summary of something interesting you read with a link for others to read it in full.

The joy of having the blog or news area is that it now gives you something to share on Social media or with your peers, creating a lovely virtuous circle. A win-win all round

If you don’t feel like you’ll be able to even write 1 or 2 posts per month (100+ words), then you can always remove this until you are ready in the future to use. It is better not to have it than have something that is a year out of date.

We encourage you to create your own content (writing) if it is easier for you to record videos, then you can do this too and upload it to Youtube at the same time. It’s very easy to do, it all depends on your person preference. We can of course do it for you too, but we’d have to quote you for the work. Either way is 100% fine by us