If it’s made out of metal, we can supply it for you.

Here are some of the more unusual metals and what you might use them for.

Cupronickel or copper nickel is a good metal for pipe work. Even though it has high copper content, cupronickel is silver in colour. Cupronickel is highly resistant to corrosion by salt water, so it can be used for piping, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems, as well as for marine hardware. It is a great metal for using on boats for things like propellers and propeller shafts.

Zintec is a cold rolled material that has been electrolytically coated with a thin layer of Zinc. Typically used in the manufacture of sheet steel pressed products such as washing machines, air conditioning units and car bodies. It is easy to powder coat to increase protection.

We supply direct and to other manufacturers and pride ourselves on our fast lead times.

We are honest and reliable. And if we’ve committed to get a job to you, we will do what ever we can to make sure that we reach your deadline.

We can also produce small runs. If you have a small batch of items that need machining, why not get in touch?

We might just have the tool on site to create your product and turn it around quickly for you.

And if you’re ordering a large amount, (dependant upon the order quantity) we may even include the tooling and set up costs, at no extra charge to you.

We know that we are very competitive on price, so why not give us the opportunity to quote for your next piece of work?

Making our tooling in house, we would beat everybody on price. And if your quantity is large enough there would be no charge for the tooling, which of course is the first time only set up cost.