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No man is an island and whether you are starting with just you or already have a thriving company, it’s likely that you will be partnering with someone along the way.

Partnerships come in various forms. You may be invited to speak at a conference, this is a great way to keep your website up to date with news and blogs. For an event you may choose to actually create 3 new blog stories along the way:

  1. Announce you’ve been invited to speak giving details of how people can attend and any relevant web links
  2. Write a blog thanking organisers and sharing your learning points from the event
  3. You may choose to share your presentation on a blog for those that visit your website after the event. While speaking from stage it’s great to reference you’ll make it available on your website. More traffic = more chance of new connections and clients

You may decide to nominate a charity of the year for your business or deliver trainings along with a 3rd party. It’s easy to take these things for granted, but if you don’t shout bout them who will?

Remember the name of the game is offering great value to readers and ultimately attracting more business. Blogs like this one help.