Food Hygiene

Catering – Pizza pans

In the catering industry you need to replace your pizza pans often, perhaps as often as every three months depending on your usage. So why not order them direct from the manufacturer?

We produce pizza pans for all types of catering companies, large and small. Any size, up to 24 inches in aluminium or steel.

Pizza screens – Recommended if you want to grill pizza on a gas or charcoal grill, though also safe for oven use. The screen’s holes give your pizza a little room to breathe and helps to prevent soggy crust, and promotes even cooking. Great for cooking homemade, par-baked, or frozen pizzas.

Pizza separators – help keep the pizza separate from others in case of food allergies, or varying toppings.

Clean Air Systems

We can provide you with all your clean air system products

Venturis – we offer a wide range of Venturis, made of aluminium, zinc or stainless steel. If you’re looking for a specific weight or metal, please ask. WE also manufacture and supply standard collars (roll flange, straight flange), top caps and bottoms for filer cages.

Dust extraction – canopies of any size to replace your existing equipment or create new.